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We are always on the lookout for new people, on stage or backstage.

Want a Challenge?

Want to Develop a New Skill?

Want a New Hobby?

Want to Rekindle Your AmDram Experience?

Want to Meet New People?

Want to Laugh Till Your Sides Hurt?


Come along and find out how much fun the world of Amateur Dramatics is!

Experienced or not, there's something for everyone, so why not come along and meet us.

You'll be amazed what you've got in you!









By Giacomo Puccini

Directed by Alison Bishop


A one-act comic opera 

Buoso Donati lies dead in his curtained four-poster bed, with his relatives gathered round to mourn his passing, but they are really more interested in learning the contents of his will. Buoso has bequeathed his fortune to the monastery, much to everyone’s dismay. In a tale of sex, lies and red tape, Gianni Schicchi comes to the rescue with a cunning plan to hide the fact that Donati is dead, disguise himself as Donati and have the will rewritten in the family’s favour. But he has a surprise in store for them all!

AUDITION DATE:  Sunday 8th January 2017, 2pm in Biggar Corn Exchange

(additional dates available on 21 and 22 January for anybody who can’t make the 8th)


Audition Format:   Learned pieces (in English), and rehearsal slots.

Audition package and reservation of audition slots from Carole, carole@jdcecology.co.uk, 01864 504278. 

Additional musical queries to Alison, expat_bishop@hotmail.com


SHOW RUN:           Wednesday 27 September to Saturday 30 September 2017

REHEARSALS:       Main rehearsal schedule will run from Monday 5 June 2017, (Mondays and Thursdays) subject to cast availability, with other rehearsal times arranged by/with the Director.             




Age Range

Gianni Schicchi


50s to 60s

Lauretta, his daughter 



Zita, cousin of Buoso Donati 


50s to 60s

Rinuccio, Zita's nephew 



Gherardo, Buoso's nephew (age 40)



Nella, Gherardo's wife (age 34)


30s to 40s

Gherardino, their son (age 7)

Light soprano or treble

16+ but acts as a 7 year old.

Betto di Signa, Buoso's brother-in-law, poor and shabbily dressed, of uncertain age


30s to 60s

Simone, cousin of Buoso (age 70)


Mid 60s up

Marco, Simone's son (age 45)


Mid 30s to late 40s

La Ciesca, Marco's wife (age 38)


30s to 40s

Maestro Spinelloccio, a doctor


20s and up

Ser Amantio di Nicolao, a notary


20s and up

Pinellino, a cobbler


20s and up

Guccio, a dyer


20s and up



By Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft

Directed by Carole Davidson


Monday 9 January 2017

7.30pm in Biggar Corn Exchange Auditorium


SHOW RUN:  Tuesday 23 May 2017 to Saturday 27 May 2017

REHEARSALS:  Mondays and Thursdays from 23 January


AUDITION FORMAT:                   Open Workshop Style – Turn up and have a go.

We’ll run some scenes and swap people in and out till everyone’s tried out for what they want. No pieces to learn, but some selected scenes are available from Anna (see below) to give you a starter.  Bring your best ‘Allo ‘Allo french or german accents.

If you want to try out for Edith, you need to be able to sing, so that you can sing badly! So there will be an extra singing tryout at the end for any Edith hopefuls (see Anna below for songs).  Also, Edith, Yvette and Mimi must be able to do basic dance moves for a short cabaret song number, which we’ll also try out at the end. 

Auditions will be video recorded for purposes of casting review.  All videos will be deleted once casting has been decided.


Guide for Age Range

Other details


40s to 50s

French accent


40s to 50s

French accent. Needs to sing badly and basic dance moves


30s and up, could be late 20s

French accent

Sings and basic dance moves


20s to 30s

French accent

Sings and basic dance moves


Late 20s up

French accent


20 plus

French accent

Colonel Kurt Von Strohm

40s and up

German accent

Cpt Alberto Bertorelli

30s and up

Italian accent

Herr Otto Flick

30s and up

German accent


30s and up

German accent

Lieut Gruber

40s and up

German accent

General Von Schmelling

30s and up

German accent


20s and up

Proper English

Airman 1

20s and up

Proper English

Airman 2

20s and up

Proper English

Extras – café customers

Various, male and female

Generally non-speaking

May have the occasional line.


CREW: We are always looking for technical and backstage crew, and people to cover bar and front of house, so get in touch if that’s something you might want to try and we’ll try and get you involved for this one (if there are too many volunteers we can always roll you over to the next show). You don’t have to be experienced, just willing to get stuck in.


Audition scenes and queries to Anna Ludwig (Producer):  annaludwig.personal@gmail.com





Anyone taking part in a BTW show in any capacity, must be a member of Biggar Theatre Workshop. If you are not already a member, membership forms can be obtained from: 

Jenni Featherstone at biggarcornexchange@gmail.com


Carole Davidson on carole@jdcecology.co.uk, or 01864 504278



Biggar Theatre Workshop

at The Corn Exchange

For information about what's on in the Corn Exchange, click HERE



Photos from past Biggar Theatre Workshop shows can be viewed

by clicking on the show name below:


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The Biggar Theatre Workshop was founded in 1971 and since then has become one of the main sources of arts facilities in the district, allowing the people of Biggar and the surrounding areas the opportunity to participate in live theatre as well as creating a performance and arts venue for local and travelling theatre groups.

The Workshop is housed in the Biggar Corn Exchange, a Grade B listed building dating back to 1860. The building is a major landmark in the town, built on the site of the old rat-infested Meal House. The new Corn Exchange failed to achieve success as a grain market, and became a popular dancing and entertainment venue. In 1935 the Corn Exchange was gifted to the Biggar Burgh Council and the Biggar Theatre Workshop now leases the building from the local council at a nominal rent as its venue for its theatrical performances.

Now nearing completion of the first phase of an extensive re-furbishment project, Biggar Theatre Workshop at The Corn Exchange are actively looking to include the wider community and visiting groups  to make best use of the building as a more diverse community resource.

If you have any interest in joining us as a theatre group either on stage or behind the scenes, or even just finding out what we are all about as a potential venue for public or private events/functions please contact us by clicking on the link below



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